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Feel free to take a look at our real life case examples below to get an idea of the quality of our work at Hornsby Dental, including some amazing Cosmetic Dentistry and Restorative Dentistry work. Feel free to give us a ring on 8090 1100 or e-mail us at info@hornsbydentist.com.au for any questions that you may have. We will respond to you within 1 to 2 business hours, same with voice mails.

Hornsby Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 1

Patient has slight uneven smile with some discoloration and unmatched old restorations.

Composite resin veneers were placed to restore and improve the symmetry as well as function, without disrupting the patient’s existing bite.

Hornsby Dental Clinic - CASE 2

Patient has minor gaps in his front teeth and mid-line shifting.

The patient was concerned about excessive preparation required to place traditional ceramic veneers, and opted for more conservative option. 4 direct composite resin veneers were placed with almost no reduction to the existing tooth structures.

Hornsby Cosmetic Dental - CASE 3

Patient presents with old anterior veneers that have been breaking down and unaesthetic proportions.

Complete replacement of old veneers with aesthetic new veneers more in proportion.

Hornsby Dental Clinic Cosmetic Case - CASE 4

Patient has multiple gaps between her teeth due to absence of adult teeth, and some discoloration due to natural wear and tear.

Direct composite resin veneers were placed to close the gaps and improve the shade colours of the teeth.

Hornsby Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 5

Fluorosis is an aesthetic problem that bothers many patients.

It is not difficult to correct, but every patient has to decide whether it is a concern enough for them to go through dental veneer treatment. In this case, the patient has a thin layer of discoloured enamel removed from the superficial surfaces of his teeth, with no anaethetic required. The end result was more aesthetically pleasing, without any risk of dental nerve injury.

Hornsby Dental Cosmetic - CASE 6

Patient has already a beautiful smile, but very minor problems bother her.

The 3 front teeth are slightly mis-aligned resulting in gap and cross-over teeth. Composite resin veneers were placed with minimal reduction to her teeth. The gum height remains unaltered, although minor laser gum surgery can be elected to correct that as well.

Hornsby Dentistry Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 7

Patient is concerned about shortness of “gappy” looking teeth, despite the fact they were already quite straight and aesthetic.

Mock-up of composite resin veneers was performed to show the patient what can be achieved, and patient was happy to consent to complete the treatment. While different designs of the edges and length of teeth were available, patient has opted for a straighter and squarer shape as her finish.

Hornsby Dental – CASE 9

Patient presents to the surgery wishing to explore her options for aesthetic enhancement of her teeth. She did not want to smile at all for the photograph due to lack of self-esteem from a less aesthetic smile.

Careful placement of direct nano-hybrid composite resin veneers has managed to significantly improve the aesthetic of the patient’s smile. The shades were carefully chosen to blend with the remaining teeth and shapes that can help close the gaps of the teeth without looking out of proportion.

Hornsby Dental Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 10

Patient is not happy with the look of his smile. An otherwise dentally fit young man, the patient has had a very well placed dental crown some 10 years ago. Unfortunately, the colour of his natural teeth have darkened since the provision of the dental crown.

After thorough discussion, the patient consented to ceramic veneers with Emax. The gentleman now enjoys a new and iproved smile, with carefully selected colour shade and anatomy that is not too fake or too white to achieve the best natural look.

Hornsby Dental Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 11

Patient was dissatisfied about his smile, with a number of his teeth being too small. Additionally the old crown is too opaque and dark for the adjacent teeth.

This is the effect after the porcelain veneers for both the top and bottom teeth were completed. A number of changes have been made to suit the patient’s preference. We believe in communication and we encourage our patients to give us input during cosmetic dental treatments. The patient was extremely happy with the final result.

Hornsby Dental Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 12

Patient has lost a central incisor at a very young age and unfortunately over a number of years, the adjacent teeth have tilted into the space. The existing removable partial denture is uncomfortable to wear and is too small in comparison to the mirroring tooth.

After careful assessment and communication with the patient, the dentist was able to improve her smile and symmetry with a ceramic bridge. The patient’s expectations have been met and are always our priority in Hornsby Dental.

Hornsby Dentistry - CASE 13

Patient has lost a number of teeth in the past, including the 2 lateral incisors. 2 dental implants have been successfully placed as artificial roots.

2 implant-supported dental crowns are placed to restore the smile. The patient is enjoying improved speech and function, without worrying about a wobbly denture again. Another happy Hornsby Dentist | Hornsby Dental patient.

Hornsby Dental - CASE 14

Patient lost a single front tooth and fractured 3 other front teeth due to trauma. The missing tooth has been restored with aremovable partial denture however the 3 other teeth were previously neglected.

The 3 fractured teeth were restored in one visit with direct nano-hybrid composite resin veneers to match the “perfect” denture tooth. The treatment has restored the function of the teeth and improved the aesthetic of the smile.

Hornsby Dental - CASE 15: Veneers - Dark Front Teeth

Patient has suffered a traumatic fall during childhood which has led to 2 root canal therapy by a dentist in hospital to save the teeth. Unfortunately the teeth have since discoloured due to the medication used during root canal therapy. Patient was shy to smile due to the discoloration. A lip muscle paralysis was also observed.

Ceramic Crowns were placed to mask the discoloration and also protect the teeth which already showed fractures. Veneers were placed in the adjacent teeth to improve their shade and alignment.

Hornsby Dental - CASE 16: Veneers - Brown Discoloured Teeth

Patient has recently had her braces removed by another dentist. The young lady was happy with the decent alignment achieved from braces, however due to difficulty to clean, and possibly inadequate oral hygiene, the front teeth were damaged permanently, with physical cavitation from acid erosion and dental decays. These teeth will not be easily whitened by ordinary whitening procedures and dental veneers were necessary to improve their shade and shape.

6 Veneers were placed with minimal enamel reduction. The bite was take into consideration during the placement of the veneers to ensure that the corrected bite from braces will not be disrupted, and a conservative yet whiter shade of material was selected to improve the young lady’s smile.

Hornsby Cosmetic Dentist - CASE 17

Patient had a severely decayed and broken down tooth.

Result of the direct restoration, with both the function and aesthetics of the tooth back to normal.

Hornsby Dental - CASE 18 - Amalgam Fracture (Dental Fillings and Restoration)

Old silver/amalgam filling that appears to have no apparent problem, however our close examination reveals fracture-lines running across the tooth.

Deep recurrent decay accompanied by clearly visible fracture line. Amalgam restorations that have a high mercury content may behave like mercury in a thermometer – expands when termperature rises (hot food and drinks), and shrinks when cold. This can result in cracks of the tooth that is housing the amalgam.

Hornsby Dentist - CASE 19 - Root Canal Therapy Restoration (Dental Crowns)

Temporary restoration of teeth that are receiving root canal therapy. Note that these temporary restorations are weak and prone to chipping

.Careful restoration of the teeth with crowns. The teeth have added strength and aesthetics. At Hornsby Dental we carefully select our dental lab to ensure high quality work.

Hornsby Dentistry - CASE 20 - Dental Fillings and Restoration

Badly broken down tooth due to tooth grinding beyond normal function. Even the amalgam restoration is broken from the excessive biting force.

A simple direct restoration placed on the tooth restores the tooth back into function. In a compromised situation such as this, the restoration may not last as long as we would normally expect, and a crown is highly recommended.

Hornsby Dental - CASE 21 - Dental Fillings and Restoration

Heavily worn down molars with dentine exposure (the yellower porition of the teeth in the middle of the biting surface). These teeth have been subjected to night-time teeth grinding for many years, and have started to develop sensitivity with the dentine exposure. Dentine is the middle layer of the tooth right next to the pulp (nerve and blood circulation tissue in the core of a tooth), and its exposure often leads to sensitivity of teeth.

Because of the collapsed bite, the patient required to have all of her dentition built up to restore function, as otherwise it would be impossible to seal the dentine. The molar in the picture is restored with composite resin as an interim restoration. Eventually all the teeth are restored with a newly established vertical dimension/bite. Once restoration is complete, the rehabilitation phase of treatment may include the use of crowns or ceramic onlays to prolong the lifespan of the teeth.

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