Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening Specials

1) Zoom! Laser Whitening for $688, Zoom! In-Chair teeth whitening with complimentary mini take home Zoom! kit. Now only $450 In-chair Teeth Whitening with our Hygienist.

Zoom! Laser Whitening has been long regarded as the gold standard laser whitening system. It has gone through strenuous research and tests to advance its technology. The latest generation of Zoom! Whitespeed combines the least sensitive and highest efficacy whitening capability throughout all generations of Zoom! systems*.

We also provide a take-home touch up kit which includes custom made trays and an extra syringe of Zoom! Daywhite whitening gel.

* While we expect minimal sensitivities under most circumstances, it may not be the ideal treatment for every patient, especially those who suffer from gum diseases, hypersensitivity, or have dental cavities.
**More whitening gel can be purchased from our friendly receptionist.

2) Zoom! Daywhite for $349.

Zoom! Daywhite is one of the most effective take-home whitening gel. Unlike other gel that requires overnight wear, the patient simply wears it for an hour once (sometimes twice*) a day. This application method means the risk of ingestion of the whitening from overnight wear is not a concern.

Zoom! Daywhite’s level of sensitivity is less than Zoom! laser whitening but has almost comparable efficacy. The only drawback with the system is the time required to become effective, which is typically between 2-4 weeks**.

The gel is only activated after being syringed out of its specialised mixing tips, meaning the whitening gel retains its efficacy even if it is not refrigerated. However we still recommend storage in a cool place just to minimise any premature chemical activation.

* The patient need to be examined by the dentist prior to engaging any whitening treatment
** Individual results may vary, as well as length of treatment.

Offer subjects to change without notice.

Teeth whitening is becoming an increasingly popular and none invasive cosmetic treatment for patients who just want to improve on the whiteness of their teeth.

Unfortunately, all types of teeth whitening system can cause some degree of sensitivity to your teeth, some more so than others. This sensitivity is reversible, and is related to the concentration of the whitening system, the length of time applied to the tooth, and the dehydration levels produced by the treatment. At Hornsby Dental, we offer the latest cosmetic dental teeth whitening system: SDI is proud to present their 100% Australian made whitening system PolaOffice 2, which utilizes a powerful blue-light and high potency whitening gel. We do not use laser as our whitening light because researches have found that blue-light can be just as effective in offering an equal whitening effect without excessive dehydration which can be caused by some high-powered laser whitening systems in the market. Excessive dehydration can cause increased sensitivity of your teeth.

This treatment can be repeated up to 2 to 3 times depending on how white you would like to make your teeth. There is a healthy limitation to how white your teeth will become, and we do not advocate for excessive whitening. Also, there are certain types of discoloration which cannot be improved from standard whitening, such as leaky old fillings. Your consulting dentist and hygienist will be able to advise you on whether professional tooth whitening is suitable for you.

We also provide take-home whitening as a stand alone treatment. Two custom fitted trays are made to snug fit around your teeth where whitening gels are loaded into. This is an effective and safe alternative to in chair whitening, which can be paced at your own preference. If you feel that your teeth are becoming sensitive, simply take a day or two off to give your teeth a break, and to continue whenever you are ready. This is more suited to people without a time limit, as this form of whitening needs at least two weeks, and sometimes one to two months before reaching the maximum whiteness level of your teeth.