Children's Dentistry

Baby teeth are just as important as adult teeth. Bad oral hygiene and/or dietary habit can carry on from childhood leading to high decay risk in adults. This is why regular check up and maintenance by a qualified children’s dentist is mandatory to promote good long-term oral health and habits in children.

Children's DentistDid you know, children start getting their permanent teeth as young as the age of 6? Once these permanent teeth are decayed there is no 3rd set of teeth to replace them. This is why a having your children practicing good home oral care absolutely is essential to help them keeping their smile nice and healthy. This is something that you can receive from our expert provided children’s dental advice and plan for your child.


***Announcing: 100% Dental Cover for Children at Hornsby Dental for MBF and HBA members***


As MBF and HBA have merged, if you are a member with them, your children may be eligible for 100% dental cover for all fees at Hornsby Dental. Check with your healthfund regarding eligibility on your plan. Call 8090 1100 to reserve an appointment.
Now is the time to take care of your children’s dental health before school starts.

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