Whether you previously lost a tooth due to injury, severe tooth decay, periodontal / gum disease, or if simply born with missing teeth, it can result in discomfort during regular function, or be a source of aesthetic displeasure. The good news is that there are treatment options available that you can decide on following a consultation with one of our dentists at Hornsby Dental.

Dental implants are only one of the options that can help you repair your smile to one that brings you confidence and comfort.

We have the best dentist that performs dental implant here in Hornsby.A Dental Implant is an option to restore a missing tooth or multiple teeth in the jaw. It is a fixed treatment option to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

It is one of the most successful treatments to replace missing teeth (95-98% success rate based on studies), and is also the least invasive option concerning adjacent teeth.

It does not involve cutting down healthy adjacent teeth such as seen in dental bridge, and is a fixed option that is less likely to trap food and bacteria such as a removable denture.

It will feel SIMILAR to natural tooth, since that it is attached to the jaw bone unlike that of a dental bridge or denture. However it will not feel exactly the same as a natural tooth due to the difference of how natural tooth root is attached to the jaw bone comparing to the dental implant.

This is why we still regard dental implant as an option only if no other options are available to restore a broken/fractured/decayed tooth. For best options to restore a heavily broken down tooth please refer to Dental Crowns.

If well cared for, implants have very high success rates and cause the least amount of damage to the surrounding teeth. The procedure itself involves inserting an artificial tooth root made of titanium alloy into the jawbone beneath the gums and leaving this to heal over several months.

During this time, the implant becomes integrated with the bone (osseointegration), stabilising the structure needed to support the tooth- shaped crown. Once healed, an abutment is placed on the artificial tooth root to hold the replacement tooth, followed by a custom-fitted crown or bridge that matches your natural tooth colour and shape.

If you smoke, use tobacco-related products or are immunocompromised then you may not be a suitable candidate for implants as these interfere with the healing process and make the implant site more prone to infection.

Dental Implant + CEREC Crown package from $5,199 per tooth.

The procedure consists of placing a high-grade titanium alloy implant root analogue (artificial dental root) into the jaw bone that has been prepared to receive the implant. Once the implant root is placed, the bone is allowed to heal between 3-9 months.

This is the most crucial step in impHere's what our 3D Dental X-Ray looks like.lant procedure as failure tends to occur during this phase due to infection during healing OR body’s own foreign body reaction. SMOKERS and PATIENTS WHO ARE IMMUNOCOMPROMISED (such as diabetics, patients going through chemotherapy, etc) are more prone to implant failures due to reduced resistance to bacterial infection and poorer healing capabilities.

Upon integration of the implant to the jaw bone (Osseointegration), the dentist will then place an abutment to the implant (similar to a tooth prepared to receive a dental crown or bridge), followed by the final restoration (crown or bridge).

Newer technology have allowed the abutment and crown to be fused as one piece design to improve strength and stability, but is not always possible. Your dentist will discuss with you the best option suited to you.

Advantages of Dental Implants:

  • Fixed option, meaning that it is attached to the jaw bone similar to a natural tooth.We are the best dentistry for dental implants.
  • Less invasive to adjacent teeth as there is no need to grind the adjacent teeth during it’s placement most of the time. Also careful procedure usually induces LESS PAIN than a tooth removal.
  • Cost effective, for potential future loss of teeth multiple implants can be joint together to convert to a bridge meaning not EVERY single missing teeth need to be implanted.
  • Considered one of the best treatment for missing tooth/teeth. High success rate comparing to other options available.
  • High success rates and provide a long-term solution if well cared for
  • Cost effective as they require less maintenance than other treatment options.
  • Easier to care for through regular and effective oral hygiene habits.
  • Unlike bridges and dentures, implants do not depend on nearby teeth for support so those adjacent teeth can remain healthy and intact.
  • Closely resembles a natural tooth in both looks and function.
  • Relative high cost initially comparing to most standard tooth restorations (crowns and ceramic onlays are significantly cheaper if the tooth can be restored that way.
  • Minor surgery is required and relative risk associated with smokers and immunocompromised patients.
  • Does not feel EXACTLY like real tooth but very close to it. In fact, nothing compares to natural tooth which is why we would always recommend dental restorations prior to considering removal of the tooth and replacing it with dental implant
  • Aesthetic of the gum (gingiva) is more challenging to obtain as it does not attach to the implant the same way the gum attaches to natural tooth. Additional surgery may be necessary adding to the cost of treatment.
  • The procedure cannot be completed in a single appointment as the healing process takes several months.
  • Just like your regular teeth, implants can also be affected by gum disease with improper care and oral hygiene. Signs and symptoms include bleeding, inflammation, gum separation from the implant forming periodontal pockets, pus formation and a loose implant in severe cases.
  • Implants require sufficient and strong bone for the implant to be well seated. In some cases, bone grafts/augmentation may be needed as part of the treatment, however this may not be ideal in every situation.
  • Although implants rarely fail (5-10% cases), there is still a risk of failure especially if the bone and gums do not heal well during the initial stages of treatment.
  • Similar to every other surgical procedure, there can be associated risks and complications however these will be addressed by your dentist prior to treatment.

We offer a competitive rate for our Basic Dental Implant* and restoration (Dental Implant Package for $5199). We keep our dental implant cost down by performing the procedure EFFICIENTLY and PRECISELY, as well as utilising state of the art dental equipment such as low radiation Cone Beam CT scan, CADCAM** generated ceramic crown, and precision milled dental implant system made in USA.

*Does not include bone augmentation/grafting treatment, or soft tissue surgery which may be necessary to improve the function or aesthetic of the implant restoration. Simple bone grafting can be performed at the time of surgery at $300 additional fee. For procedure that requires specialist care, a referral will be made to one of our trusted specialists, or one preferred by you.
** Cerec chairside crown made to fit the implant abutment is the standard treatment provided with this promotion. If you prefer an implant crown made by a dental lab, the dentist will advise you of the lab fee that may incur on top of the promotional price.

Unlike some surgeries, our quote will usually cover most of the procedure including the Cone Beam CT scan, implant surgery and implant crown. Additional gum surgery and bone augmentation/ grafting is not included as part of the quote and can be discussed during consultation and review. 5 year warranty applies to patients who have attended for regular six month gap-free check-up and clean at any of our surgery locations (for those without health funds this is capped at $199 per visit).

Implants are often the most highly recommended treatment options to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. Their high success rates and longevity when compared to other treatments including dentures and bridges can make them superior, however they will not be suitable for everyone.

Consulting with your dentist at Hornsby Dental will give you an idea of your most suitable treatment options and will give you a chance to ask any questions that you may have.