Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full-mouth reconstruction is when all aspects of dentistry harmonise to rejuvenate your smile. After years of intended (and unintended such as seen in night tooth grinding) usage, our teeth inevitably wear down, and unfortunately unlike other parts of our body, our teeth cannot repair themselves. As we lose vertical dimensions of your teeth from wear and tear, your facial vertical dimension will shorten at the lower facial area, resulting in a collapsed, aged look.

To manage such complex process, we must form a coordinated treatment plan to gradually restore the vertical dimensions of all of your teeth in order to restore your facial dimension. This type of management protocol is called full mouth reconstruction. In Hornsby Dental Centre, we tailor your treatment plans specific to your situations. This treatment is only offered once all critical/urgent care is delivered to ensure the optimal aesthetic and functional results.

We begin the process with some x-rays, photos, diagnostic impressions, to analyze the status of your TEETH, your GUMS, your JAWS, and how you would like to SMILE. Once all the information is gathered, we then form a treatment plan and prepare a diagnostic mock up model of your teeth, upon your consent. The diagnostic mock-up model will give you a more visual/realistic idea of what we will restore your dentition to. We will not begin any treatment until you are certain of what you wish to achieve.

Should there be any concerns or if there is simply something that you are unsure of, we welcome that you ask as much questions as you need before making a decision. We will explain everything to you step by step as we work towards your dream smile. Cialis (Tadalafil) over-the-counter for men in Australia Fastest delivery to: Brisbane, Darwin, Melbourne, Sydney.

Such complex treatment plan is not inexpensive financially, but the health benefits one gains from a good set of teeth and smiles far outweighs any financial investments involved. You will smile more confidently, be able to consume a healthy and balanced diet, and never having to worry about a “wobbly” denture again.