Preventive Dentistry



At Hornsby Dental, we strongly believe that prevention is always better than intervention. For you to avoid any potentially severe dental problems we advocate that you regularly come in for a maintenance check up and cleaning. Much like a fine piano or a prized car, your smile needs a clinician to look after it on a routine basis. At each routine check up visit we will carefully examine your teeth and gums, and remove the tartar and superficial stains. This way we keep can your teeth safe from harm of all bacteria that causes gum diseases, decays, and even painful infections. We can also remove tobacco and tea/coffee staining which may prevented you from smiling at your best. We normally finish off your treatment with a nice gentle polish with our remineralising polishing paste. We strongly recommend that new dental x-rays are taken every 1-2 years to ensure that you do not have any undetected dental problems that are not visible to our naked eyes.

It is an inexpensive practice that helps you to keep you smiling with confidence for longer. After an examination we can give you advices on oral hygiene routines and diet that may prevent potential dental problems.