Seeking orthodontic dental treatment to resolve misalignment of teeth may not only improve the aesthetic of your smile for greater confidence but can also significantly improve the function of your teeth and ultimately your quality of life. The oral health benefits reaped through orthodontic treatment, can leave you with not just a beautiful smile but a healthy one too.

Orthodontics can be a very effective method to correct crooked or malpositioned teeth. With orthodontic treatment, over time the teeth will become aligned, making it a safe and popular treatment with long-lasting, economical and visually pleasing results.

Most minor crowding can be corrected in approximately 4 to 12 months, while more complex problems can be corrected typically within 18 to 30 months. The traditional method of correcting malpositioned teeth involves brackets being placed on the teeth and slowly moved over time. These brackets remain in place for the duration of treatment to maximise the efficiency of treatment.

Occasionally, a tooth or teeth may need to be removed to make space before realigning the surrounding teeth.

  • Overcrowded or spaced-out teeth
  • Inability to brush/ floss properly
  • Reduced risk of tooth decay and gum disease
  • Impacted (insufficient space for teeth to grow) or ectopic (wrongly positioned) teeth
  • Bite complications – such as deep overbite or open bite
  • Eating and talking impairments
  • Reduced risk of wear and injury from opposing teeth.


This option of fixed orthodontic treatment has been around for a long time and can include traditional metal braces or clear ceramic braces. At Hornsby Dental, fixed orthodontic treatment is offered by Dr Philip Song following a thorough consultation and examination.

During your examination appointment, x-rays and photographs may be taken to ensure there are no underlying conditions that first need to be resolved prior to embarking on your orthodontic journey. Computer-generated visual aids will be able to give a good indication of what the final result will closely resemble.


Invisalign is the preferred treatment option amongst young adults, utilising clear plastic aligners for the very subtle and comfortable movement of teeth. These clear aligners are removable and are changed every few weeks but must be worn every day and night except for when eating or brushing and flossing.

The length of treatment and number of aligners required will vary between individuals and their degree of misalignment.

In more complex cases, Invisalign may not be an ideal treatment option however a consultation with your dentist will provide you with more tailored information on the most suitable options for you.

At Hornsby Dental, Dr Philip Song offers fixed orthodontic treatment (braces). A choice of conventional brackets, or ceramic brackets can be selected.

A thorough consultation and examination, as well as photographic records are taken during an initial consultation. These records are used to analysis and plan orthodontic treatment.

A computer generated model can be used to visualise the final facial, this gives patients a visual reference to what the final result will look like.

It is important to remember that dentists are not orthodontists, therefore, if the complexity of your case is beyond the scope of our practice, we always recommend that you consider a visit to one of our referring orthodontists.

We are here to look out for your best interests, and if we believe an orthodontist is needed, we will not hesitate to recommend one to you.

Orthodontic treatment costs around the Hornsby area can be as high as $9,500+ depending on the complexity of the case.

Without a consultation with a dentist, an exact price for orthodontic treatment cannot be determined as it can vastly differ for each unique smile. At Hornsby Dental, we aim to always provide affordable dental care and payment plans to ensure that money is never a barrier in achieving the smile of your dreams.

At Hornsby Dental, traditional dental braces cost Sydney starts at $4500 but can be as high as $9500+ depending on treatment complexity and whether metal or ceramic brackets are chosen, including all adjustment appointments as well as retainers upon finishing treatment.

The Invisalign cost has interest free payment plan from $25/week and is for very minor alignment issues but like traditional braces, this will vary based on the complexity of each case.

The exact cost of treatment is determined by the complexity of the case rather than the time it takes to complete. Usually a 30% deposit applies at the commencement of orthodontic treatment and the balance is paid at regular intervals every 1-2 months.

You also have the flexibility of paying for the full cost upfront in one payment prior to the start of treatment, and we offer a discount of 10% to the total cost (e.g. 5,500 – 550 (10% discount) = 4,950). Ceramic brackets are available at your choice for a slight extra cost.

Hornsby Dental is pleased to advise that we offer the Invisalign(TM), the clear way to straighten your teeth.

Invisalign uses a series of transparent plastic aligners to gently move your teeth to their ideal position. This invisible Orthodontic system is ideal for most young adults who prefers a subtle, gentle way of moving your teeth, most people won’t even notice that you are wearing it.

2 types of Invisalign is offered in our practices, Invisalign Lite(TM) for corrections of minor misalignment, or Invisalign Full(TM) for more comprehensive correction of entire occlusion.

Hornsby Dentist Provides Invisalign

Typically, the invisible plastic aligner is worn for about 3 weeks before progressing to the next one. They are worn full time, and only removed for eating, brushing and flossing.

Your dentist at Hornsby Dental | Hornsby Dentist will customise the treatment specific to your needs, which means that the number of aligners required will vary from individual person to person.

The great benefit is that it will be difficult for anyone to notice that you are even wearing Invisalign(TM) as it is a very discreet system.

To speak to one of our friendly staff, call (02) 8090 1100 or feel free to e-mail us at: info@hornsbydentist.com.au for any questions that you may have.

In order to avoid relapse of your teeth back to their original alignment, your dentist may recommend fixed orthodontic retainers (wires at the back of your teeth) and/or removable plastic retainers to be worn every night. This will ensure your teeth remain in their desired position for a smile you’ll be confident wearing for the rest of your life.