Root Canal Therapy

Injuries or infections inside a tooth can kill its nerve, creating excruciating pain during the process. Not always are we ready to take this bad tooth out. If appropriate, we can perform root canal therapy which provides your tooth an opportunity to stay in service for longer. Root canal therapy sterilises the inside of the tooth to rid of the bad bacteria and infections. Once a root canal therapy is completed we strongly recommend a crown to protect what is left of the tooth. Unfortunately not every tooth with a bad infection can be saved from root canal therapy, but we will do all that we can to save your tooth.


Pre-op: Deep decay underneath old restoration. Previously un-monitored and the tooth was in excruciating pain. Large shadow underneath the opaque white mass is the decay, and at tip of the tooth root is a dark shadow which suggests a zone of infection. The tooth can be saved with a carefully performed root canal therapy and avoid the loss of the tooth.



Measurement: The root canal therapy is essentially the treatment to rid infection inside the pulpal/nerve space within the tooth, and to seal the tooth from further reinfection into the root tip of the root. This needs to be performed very carefully and should always have a “rubberdam” isolation field to avoid the re-introduction of bacteria from within the mouth into the canal spaces. Without rubberdam, the treatment is considered compromised. In this image the dentist has used a clamp to lock the rubberdam to the tooth and is measuring the sealing length for the final root filling.



Post-op: A well-obturated/filled root canal therapy. The tooth is symptom-free and will have a crown placed on it to seal the tooth from any potential fracture and decays in it. Studies have shown a well-placed dental crown can provide superior seal and, if possible, should always be placed on the tooth after the root canal therapy is completed with the tooth being symptom-free.


Temporary restoration of teeth that are receiving root canal therapy. Note that these temporary restorations are weak and prone to chipping.



Careful restoration of the teeth with crowns. The teeth have added strength and aesthetics. At Hornsby Dental we carefully select our dental lab to ensure high quality work.