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Hornsby Dentist information about Crowns:

One of the interesting things that dentists face in today’s
society is that many of us are keeping a majority if not all of our teeth well
into old age. This can be contributed to the improvement of overall oral
hygiene through public awareness and national initiated schemes such as
fluoridation. However as we keep many of our teeth, unfortunately, there are
some instances when our teeth need a helping hand to withstand the rigors of
everyday life. In some circumstances compromised teeth may require treatment to
protect it from further breakdown and ensure continued pain free function while
at the same time be aesthetically pleasing.

Although as dentists we endeavour to be conservative in our
treatment, sometimes it is necessary to suggest to patients to possibility of a
crown to protect the remaining damaged tooth structure. It does so by totally
covering the remaining tooth and to prevent any future damage. Many people have
heard of crowns, however are unsure of when a crown is indicated.

For more information about dental crowns and about the costs for a crown, click here: Dental Crowns

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