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Teeth Whitening

There are two different ways in which to whiten your teeth effectively. The first and quickest option is “in-chair whitening” and the more common approach is “take-home whitening”.

In-chair whitening is done at the dental surgery and takes around an hour to reach the final result. This method is favoured by patients who know that they don’t have the time for an ongoing process, or they need a faster result for an upcoming event such as a wedding. With in-chair whitening, the process can cause sensitivity, but the effects are not long lasting.

Take-home whitening is the most common approach to whitening. The process takes one to two weeks for the final result and requires the personally made trays to be worn once a day/night for around an hour. You can wear them while watching television or checking your e-mail, so there is no need to have to set aside an hour a day specially for bleaching.

Both processes are effective in the whitening of your teeth, however fillings and crowns will not lighten with the treatments and you may need to consider this if choosing to whiten your teeth.

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