Braces Cost

Braces CostHearing the word “braces”, one of the many things that come to mind is crooked teeth.

This is the general and common term for treatment of misaligned teeth, fixing spaces and teeth crowding to move the teeth to its proper position.

Orthodontics not only enhance the look and boost the confidence of the patient through a better smile but it also promotes better oral health and functioning of the teeth.

A more comfortable bite is established through braces, relieving patients of any discomfort involving their jaw joints especially when they speak or eat. 

With the many positive effects of braces, more patients consider having them installed. Fortunately, through the advancements and continuous modernization in Dentistry, more treatment options for braces Sydney are now available for patients to choose from and here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each as well as the braces cost:

Traditional Metal Braces

This is the most conventional way for treating misaligned teeth and it also promises the best results at the shortest time possible. Metal braces are also the most recommended treatment for more severe cases.

However, some amount of discomfort can be felt especially immediately after adjustments as this encourages rapid tooth movement.

So how much do braces cost? Traditional Metal Braces Cost Sydney here at Hornsby Dental is $4,500 – $6,000+. Have your initial consultation with one of our trained dentists for a better estimate on the braces price.

Lingual Braces

This is essentially the same as traditional metal braces however, the brackets are placed on the back of the teeth, hidden in plain sight so it seems like patients with lingual braces are actually not wearing braces. Because of this feat, lingual braces are more expensive than conventional metal braces.

Some downsides to lingual braces are the initial discomfort felt against the tongue and the difficulty in cleaning brackets.

Invisalign or Invisible Braces

These are clear aligners worn over the tooth that also promotes tooth movement but without the unsightly presence of metal against the teeth. This is growing in popularity as patients are more exacting when it comes to their looks.

Instead of the regular adjustments, patients in Invisalign Sydney therapy are given a set of clear aligners at intervals. The number of aligners is dependent on the severity of the case.

The more difficult the treatment is, the more clear aligners necessary to complete the procedure. Hornsby Dental has one of the best deals for Invisalign Sydney. So how much is Invisalign? Invisalign cost at $4,300 – $7,790.


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