Cosmetic Dentistry

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Best Teeth WhiteningA person’s smile can do so much to their confidence. People that have brighter and whiter smiles impact their self-esteem in a way that they feel more comfortable speaking in crowds and smiling for photos.

This is where Cosmetic Dentistry comes in, perfecting your smile for a more confident you.

One of the procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry that enhances the smile is teeth whitening Hornsby. Teeth Whitening basically uses a custom-made tray customised to fit your teeth and a whitening chemical at a safe concentration.

There are several methods to achieve your desired results so it is best to discuss with your dentist on the best teeth whitening procedure for you.

One of which is the Take Home Teeth Whitening wherein your cosmetic dentist Hornsby will give you a kit that contains custom trays and the teeth whitening gel. You are to dispense the gel on the tray and wear it consistently for 30 minutes every day until you reach your desired shade of white for your teeth.

The other technique is the safest way to brighten your teeth. This is a procedure that is done in the clinic and facilitated by your teeth whitening dentist Hornsby.

The In-Chair Teeth Whitening also involves the use of a tray and a whitening gel but a laser whitening system allows for accelerated teeth whitening Sydney. This ensures a whiter smile in less than an hour!

In-Chair Teeth Whitening gives patients the most dramatically perfect results at a faster time while Take Home Whitening gradually whitens the teeth for a more natural transition.

For whatever option you prefer, it is still best to discuss with your best dentist Hornsby which is most suitable for your case. Also, screening must be done prior to the procedure as not everyone is a candidate for professional teeth whitening Hornsby.

Experience quality best teeth whitening Hornsby with affordable rates at Hornsby Dental. Book your appointment with us now.

03 Dec, 2021

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