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Tooth implant in Hornsby is an expensive major dental procedure that is why some patients prefer to have implant done overseas. They use the latest technology and techniques to make sure that you can have your beautiful smile back.Dental Implant Recovery

It is the best option to replace a missing tooth but the dental implant procedure timeline is a very long process.

The tooth implant recovery time varies from person to person. It varies depending on the number of tooth implant, patient’s health and how a patient handles the recovery process.

Majority of the time after a dental implant procedure, you will experience some discomfort, swelling, minor bleeding and sometimes bruising. Your dentist will prescribe you some medication and the most effective aftercare to ease the pain and discomfort that you are feeling.

There are some guidelines that you need to follow to recover faster and to avoid complications after a dental implant procedure.

First thing that you need to do is changing your diet temporarily to help your mouth properly heal and for your mouth to heal faster. You have to eat soft foods or pureed foods and make sure not to chew on the side of the mouth where the implant is located. Make sure not to eat hard foods, acidic or spicy foods to avoid any discomfort.

Avoid smoking cigarettes especially during the first week after your surgery was done. Tobacco products have negative effects and can delay the healing process of your dental implant.

Try not to eat very hot foods and always make sure that you apply cold compress on the side of the mouth where the implant is located to ease the pressure.

Once, you follow these guidelines and still experience excessive bleeding, unbearable pain, allergic reaction to any medicine that was prescribed and excessive swelling make sure to contact your Hornsby dentist right away to address the issue immediately.



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