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What is Teeth Whitening?

Everyone loves a pearly white teeth and bright white smile. A lot of people spend thousands of dollars just to achieve those perfectly white teeth.Pros and cons of teeth whitening in Hornsby

Thankfully, there are a lot of teeth whitening products that you can buy over the counter or in the supermarket. You can now have a set of white teeth for a price as low as $10.

You can choose from whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening pens, whitening and bleaching trays, products that has activated charcoal in it or you can have a professional teeth whitening done by a dentist.

Teeth whitening in Hornsby have been skyrocketed for years. Regardless of what age or status in life, everyone wants to have white teeth to make them look younger, build more confidence and healthy oral health.

Pros and Cons of Teeth Whitening

Although, teeth whitening in Hornsby are proven not harmful to your oral health, there are things to consider before availing or proceeding with any teeth whitening treatment. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of teeth whitening:


  • Improvement on your appearance – this might be the main reason why you wanted to have a bright white smile. You may want to get rid of some discolouration or stain due to smoking or drinking too much coffee or tea.
  • Options for Take Home Whitening kits – this is the only dental procedure that can be done at home which is also cheap. But of course you have to seek advice from your dentist first to know the best whitening kit to use.
  • Not harmful for your teeth – although the whitening products contain hydrogen peroxides, it is proven safe to use as long as you follow the instructions.
  • Immediate result – unlike some dental procedure teeth whitening will give you an instant result especially if you do it professionally with your dentist. In less than 2 hours you will see a very noticeable improvement.


  • Teeth Sensitivity – you might feel a discomfort when using a whitening product. Especially if you have a sensitive teeth to begin with.
  • Not permanent – the whitening effect varies from people to people. The effect will be shorter for people who smoke cigarette and drink a lot of coffee and tea.
  • Change in your food consumption – you might have to avoid certain food and drinks to maintain your whiter teeth. You will not be able to smoke cigarettes as well.
  • It will not change the colour of your veneers/crowns – If your teeth match your crown or veneer, you will have an uneven colour of teeth when you proceed with teeth whitening.

What are the long term effects of teeth whitening?

If not done correctly, these teeth whitening products may damage your enamel or your tooth roots. Make sure to follow the instructions and it is best to consult your Hornsby dentist first to know the proper process and methods that works best for you.



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