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What is a Tooth Crown and Why Do I Need It?

Tooth CrownEnsuring that the teeth are in tiptop shape does not only rely on good oral hygiene. Certain dental treatments are necessary to help any decayed or broken teeth to be restored so normal functions can be carried out, thus preserving the natural teeth.

If you have badly decayed teeth, dental fillings may no longer suffice to save the teeth. A better and stronger restorative procedure should be done to ensure that the natural tooth will not break when you eat.

The same goes for teeth that accidentally fractured due to unpredictable situations. Large tooth fractures cannot be easily restored by regular composite fillings as this will break when subjected to heavy pressure loads such as when you eat hard food.

To help with these situations, your dentist Hornsby may recommend treatment of the tooth using dental crowns. Tooth Crown plays an integral role in protecting and restoring the health and appearance of the natural tooth underneath it.

A dental crown is one of the most common restorative procedures. It is generally a cap cemented over the tooth to help protect it.

This prevents breakage to the otherwise fragile tooth underneath and allows normal functions such as chewing and eating to proceed.

There are several types of tooth crown available and discussing with your dentist near Hornsby on the best tooth crown for your case is important.

Tooth crowns that will be placed on the back of the tooth for the molars need to have superior strength so fractures can be prevented and to ensure the longevity of the material.

Through the use of modern materials in Dentistry, tooth crowns also serve to restore the appearance of the tooth. Materials for tooth crowns such as porcelain and ceramic have excellent properties that mimic the feel and beauty of the natural tooth thus making them good options for tooth crowns to be placed on fractured front teeth.


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24 Nov, 2021

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