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A perfectly healthy set of teeth is very important. It is a sign of good overall health and you can show off your amazing smile. The absence of a tooth can make a person less confident. It can also make chewing a little bit difficult to some people.

Luckily, during this new era we can have options for tooth replacement in Hornsby and it is very advanced. Here are some least ideal to the most ideal ways to replace you missing tooth.

Do nothing at all

Leave the gap when you lose your tooth. This is the least ideal option because you will have bone loss in this area over time. The opposing teeth can also drop down.

Partial Denture

This treatment does not keep the bone level where it should be. You are also required to remove the appliance every night when you sleep. However, cosmetically it does fill the gap.

Dental Bridge

Tooth replacement in HornsbyThis used to be the best option to replace a missing tooth before implants exist. Now it is not the best option because you have to do crowns on both of the adjacent teeth to the missing tooth.

If something goes wrong in the future with one of those two teeth holding the middle tooth in the bridge you can lose the whole bridge.

Also if the two adjacent teeth are healthy, you are putting crowns on healthy teeth with the drilling and crowning. Over time you can also lose bone in the area where the missing tooth is.

Dental Implant

Tooth implant is probably the best way to replace a missing tooth. It is a standalone crown that does not disturb its surrounding teeth.

If you have multiple missing teeth you can have implant supported over denture. However, there are instances that the bone is not wide enough so you need to have a bone graft.

Schedule a visit to your Hornsby dentist and see which tooth replacement option is best for you.


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