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Veneer TeethWhen it comes to Cosmetic Dentistry procedures, dental veneers are growing in popularity. Veneers are generally a thin shell of material placed on the surface of prepared teeth to enhance the smile by making modifications on the size, shape, colour, and proportions of the tooth.

This is a highly sought after procedure for patients who have problems with tooth discolourations, oddly shaped front teeth, minor gaps in between the teeth, and minor tooth fractures. Patients expect a brighter and whiter smile after this procedure and veneers deliver the most dramatically beautiful outcome.

As with the many benefits that come with veneer teeth, it is important that you also weigh both your veneers teeth pros and cons before deciding on getting dental veneers Sydney. One of the worries that patients who want dental veneers face is the dental veneers cost.

A single unit of dental veneers can be quite expensive therefore getting multiple units to enhance your smile may demand a dent on your wallet. Therefore, it is important that you sift through available dentist near Hornsby and your location and check for affordable dentist Hornsby.

Aside from the cost, patients should also be aware that dental veneers are a permanent solution. The procedure of dental veneers involves shaving off the enamel. However, this is still a considerably less invasive procedure compared to a dental crown which requires a thick portion of the tooth to be shaved off.

At Hornsby Dental, there are two types of dental veneer materials available for patients to choose from: porcelain veneers and composite veneers. Each with its own strengths and weaknesses over the other.

If you think this is a procedure for you, it is best to consult with one of our dental professionals. Screening and consultation will be done first to identify if dental veneers are the best treatment option for your case.

Book an appointment with us now and find out the ways we can help in achieving your dream smile through dental veneers.


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03 Dec, 2021

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