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Why Do I Need A Crown For My Tooth?What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that covers most of part of that tooth that needs to be restored. The dentist Hornsby will shave all surface of your tooth structure that leaves a small tooth that allows the crown to be cemented on top of it.

This dental procedure required at least two to three visits depending on the case and the material that you wanted to use for your dental crown.

There are four different types of crown. Ceramic, Porcelain, Base metal alloy and Gold alloys. You and your dentist will decide which specific material is suitable for your needs and tooth crown price budget.

What causes the need for a crown?

So why do I need a crown for my tooth? Dental Crowns in Hornsby is one of the most common tooth restorations to save your broken or decayed tooth. Some patients use it for aesthetic reason especially if you have crooked or discoloured tooth as it helps improve the appearance of your tooth.

Some use it for the function. It is used to cover dental implant and protect the tooth after a root canal treatment.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dental Crowns:


Dental crown is a long term option to restore your tooth since they are very durable and can act like a real tooth. A dental crown can last at least five to fifteen years depending on how the patient takes care of their oral health.

Patient satisfaction and the success rate of tooth crown is very high in restoring your tooth


One of the main disadvantages of dental crown is shaving or filing the tooth to a certain shape that can fit the crown. This process is permanent and irreversible.

Crowns can also chip or broke especially if you bite into a hard piece of food or hard things. If the damage is small it can be fixed without replacing the actual crown.

However, if it is a large chip a new crown must be placed. It can also fall off completely if it is not fitted or cemented correctly.