Emergency Dentist Sydney

Emergency Dentist Sydney

Suddenly have a bad day because of a chip on your tooth after eating your lunch? Or did you randomly wake up in the middle of the night to severe pain in your teeth? Or perhaps lost a tooth in the middle of a game after colliding with a teammate?

These situations call for an emergency dentist Sydney and knowing who to call can mean all the difference between shifting a bad day to a great day.

Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentist SydneyAt Hornsby Dental, we understand that accidents do happen at unpredictable times, and having contact with an emergency dentist near me can greatly affect the situation. Not all dental clinics in Hornsby offer 24-hour availability of emergency dentists.

However, Hornsby Dental provides you the assurance that help is within your reach. Give us a ring and we will prioritise you and schedule your same day emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Until you are able to reach our emergency facility, knowing what to do in the presence of a dental emergency can help with minimising the damage and reduces potential threats to more severe trauma.

Here’s what you can do as first aid to some common dental emergencies:

Some toothaches can be immediately relieved if the cause is a foreign object wedged between teeth. Use dental floss to gently remove the debris but be careful not to apply unnecessary and excessive force that may potentiate further injury.

However if the cause for a toothache is due to tooth decay, the best thing to do is gargle with a mild salt solution to kill bacteria and intake over-the-counter painkillers. Then, schedule an appointment with your dentist Hornsby so an appropriate treatment plan can be laid out especially if you will need dental fillings or root canal treatment.

This can happen at the most unexpected time一 sometimes when you are having lunch or when you accidentally trip on your feet. The amount of pain is an indication of the severity of the situation.

If bleeding is present, it is likely that a nerve is affected and immediate emergency dental services are required.

Until professional help is available, disinfect the mouth with a mild salt solution and apply a direct cold compress on areas of inflammation. This can help relieve the pain until you are able to meet with your emergency dentist Hornsby for proper treatment.

To guarantee that your emergency dentist can save the tooth, here are some important things you should note.

First, clean debris on the tooth root but be careful not to remove vital structures necessary for reinsertion. Then, if you can insert the displaced tooth back in the socket, do so. However, if it is not possible, soak the tooth in milk.

This requires an urgent emergency dentist appointment. Most dental clinics understand the prioritisation of such cases so you need not wait in line. If the nearest one is unavailable, head to the nearest emergency facility for immediate treatment.

This includes injury to the lips, inner cheek, gums, and tongue. Clean the affected area and apply a cold compress in inflamed areas. If there is bleeding present, apply pressure by placing a gauze directly on the injury. However, if the bleeding persists for over 15 minutes, visit your nearest emergency facility.

Soft tissue injuries are usually associated with dental trauma such as chipped or displaced teeth so check for any signs of both so appropriate first aid and treatment can be given.

If you need to arrange an appointment with your Emergency Dentist Hornsby, you may contact Hornsby Dental and we’ll adjust our time and prioritise your needs accordingly.

Emergency Dentist Sydney