Happy Gas Inhalational Sedation Agents

Relief for anxiety, fear or stress for your comfort

Happy Gas is one of the most traditional forms of inhalation sedation agents for the relief of anxiety, fear, or stress. At Hornsby Dental, we offer Happy Gas sedation for our anxious patients. It is safe for most children and adults, and you can usually recover from it rather quickly. Its rapid offset means that you will be safe to drive after a short rest after the treatment.

If you have never had Happy Gas for any types of medical/dental treatment, and you do wish to receive it for your dental treatments with us, we strongly suggest that you come in for an initial consultation where we will discuss as well as test the effect of happy gas with you.

The reason being, much like any other medications, not everyone reacts to happy gas the same way, because we are all different, anatomically and mentally. What this means is, your level of tolerance may be different, and your response to sedation may be different. Some enjoy it, some may not, and some may require a higher concentration, while others do not.

At the initial consultation for happy gas, we will test a suitable level for you, as well as run you through some basic information you need to know before proceeding with happy gas for your next dental visit. This way, you will experience what it feels like for your comfort.

If you have had it previously, and consent to it, we will carefully administer happy gas to you, at all times ensuring your safety and comfort is our number one priority.

Please note that a surcharge will applied to your normal dental treatment invoice if you receive Nitrous Oxide.

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