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Dentist HornsbyLooking for the best dentist Hornsby? Check no further as Hornsby Dental offers you the best in Dentistry.

With highly skilled and capable dental professionals, technologically advanced equipment, modern and minimally invasive techniques and practices, and a commitment to excellent patient care all at the heart of Hornsby, we’ll take care of you and your oral health the best way we can.

Welcome to Hornsby Dental!

We aim to provide quality dental treatments for all the dental needs of Hornsby. With that, we ensure our brilliant dentists are up to date with the most modern techniques in Dentistry.

We have a plethora of treatment options under our belt and as we commit to personalised care for our patients, finding the most suitable one for whatever their dental concern is our top priority. This is whilst considering our patient’s expectations for treatment, going above and beyond and delivering the best results.

We believe in a holistic approach to Dentistry as this guarantees an overall healthier mouth and a positive well-being. With this in mind, we made sure our clinic is a one-stop dentist Hornsby for everything dental.

Here are some of the services we offer and why it may be the treatment for you:

For optimum oral health, prioritising dental check-ups and teeth cleaning Sydney is one that you should do. We recommend twice a year visit with every 6 month interval for a comprehensive dental assessment. This is so your dentist can spot early signs of dental problems and proper management and treatment can be applied before it gets worse.

This is now one of the most popular treatments for Hornsby Dentist. A complete smile makeover positively affects a patient’s visual appearance but it also reflects on their self-esteem and their oral health. For Cosmetic Dentistry, popular to the patients are dental veneers and teeth whitening which both offer excellent results after treatment.

If you have discoloured teeth, minor imperfections to the shape and proportion of the teeth, minimal tooth fractures and gaps, schedule an appointment with your Cosmetic Dentist Hornsby for a consultation.

As much as we punctuate Preventive Dentistry to reduce the chances of tooth extraction in the future, there are still situations that call for it. While it sounds like a scary procedure, worry not because our dentist Hornsby will make sure your dental surgery is as painless as possible.

From simple tooth extractions to wisdom teeth removal Sydney, our dentists will take care of you from your initial consultation, to the treatment proper, and towards post-treatment and recovery, guaranteeing a blissful experience.

After tooth extraction, discussing with your dentist the means to replace the missing tooth is important so that pathological changes such as shifting of the adjacent teeth to the gap will not happen. For this, your dentist will recommend having dentures, dental bridge, or dental implants.

There are several materials available for each procedure and it will help to have your consultation done whilst discussing your expectations and limitations so your dentist can advise accordingly.

Orienting children at a young age on how to take care of their teeth is one of the biggest investments we can make for them. If they understand the value of their teeth and know how to properly take care of their oral health, then it saves them from spending for extra dental procedures in the future.

However in cases that will need children’s dentistry or dental fillings, our friendly team promises a great experience for them. Dental anxiety in children is one that can be hard to manage but do trust that our dentists can take care of their dental needs and leave a good, lasting impression on them.

Have misaligned teeth? Overbites? Crowding or spacing? Braces and Invisalign can definitely help. Our dentists Hornsby NSW are experienced in both the traditional braces and the more modern Invisalign. This is a great advantage as they can properly discuss with you the pros and cons of each, helping you decide which is best suitable for your case.

We are grateful that over the years, our exceptional gentle dental care is something that patients have testified to and are continuously returning to. We hope to see you in our clinic so we can introduce to you the best kind of Dentistry that we offer at Hornsby Dental.



Dentist Hornsby