Emergency Appointments

Hornsby Emergency Dentist | Hornsby Emergency Dental

At Hornsby Dental, we know that toothaches can develop suddenly and out of nowhere, and we know how debilitating this pain can be sometimes. Injury to the teeth or gums can also be a great source of pain and distressing. Not only do these cause significant pain and distress, dental pain and injury can potentially have a serious effect on your dental and overall health. Tooth pain is usually an indication that your tooth has become infected, which if ignored, can progress to become an abscess or a life threatening emergency. Any tooth or gum pain or injury should be addressed by a dental professional as soon as possible.

Our dentists at Hornsby Dental are skilled and equipped to diagnose and treat your emergency dental pain. At Hornsby Dental our gentle and experienced dentists will treat the source of your pain so that you can recover and become pain-free! Not just that, our dentists can discuss a treatment plan with you to prevent avoid any pain recurrences and help you achieve a healthy smile.

If you are looking for a 24 hour (24 hr) dentist, give us a ring, and we will endeavour to fit you in for an emergency dental appointment as soon as possible.

Call one of our friendly staff on (02) 8090 1100 to book an appointment, or use our online appointment form after hours here –> Book Appointment

We typically respond to appointment form requests within 1-2 hours, but may be up to 8 hours depending on the time of day.