Pediatric Dentist Sydney

Paediatric dentists specialises in treatment and care for infants, children and young adults. In addition to restorative work and check up and cleans, pediatric dentists provide helpful information via demonstrating brushing and flossing techniques to children as well as advice to parents on infants’ use of pacifiers and thumb sucking habits. They are more intune with younger children and can provide a relaxing and calm environment for the little ones first visit at a dental surgery.

At Hornsby Dental we have dentists and oral health therapists who are experienced and skilled in seeing pediatric treatments. Their knowledge and expertise can diagnose and provide pediatric treatments such as fissure sealant, fillings, x-rays, general clean and extractions.

By bringing them to our dental clinic as early as possible, we can help achieve a positive environment and experience for the child. Usually we ask our patients to bring in their little ones six months after their first teeth appear. Our friendly oral health therapist can show the parents some helpful techniques on caring and brushing the infant’s first teeth. Other questions such as thumb sucking, pacifiers and eruption order can be explained and discussed. Generally the first few visits are more establishing a good relationship with the infant and the dental environment. It is best for them to visit every 6 months so that our dentist and oral health therapist can monitor their pediatric dental treatment.

For children and young adults maintaining a routine 6 monthly check up and clean is ideal to prevent any cavities and decays. Also by monitoring them regularly can pick up any early signs of crowding and the intervention for dental braces. One of the most common pediatric treatments is Fissure sealant. This can be applied by our dentists and oral health therapist to prevent early stages of decay. The deep fissures on children teeth can be difficult for them to clean, by placing a clear painless filling on top of the fissure can prevent bacteria and plaque from gathering. Research has found that there is a link between deciduous teeth and permanent teeth. The less decay found in baby teeth also reflects less likelihood of getting cavities on adult teeth.

One of the most unpleasant and daunting paediatric treatments for parents and children is their first extraction. However this should not be the case at Hornsby Dental. If the child has been seeing us regularly, being familiar with the dental environment and staff can help elevate these fears. At Hornsby Dental we believe an early pleasant dental experience whether it is extractions, fillings or routine scale and clean can prevent dental anxiety for future treatments in children’s dentistry.

Another concern we get asked often at Hornsby Dental is whether it safe for children to take x-rays. We only take x-rays when it is absolutely necessary and we have the most modern x-rays technology which is safe for children which produces small amounts of radiation. We also combine this with the use of high speed film and lead aprons to limit the amount of x-ray exposure to children and adults.