How Much Do Braces Cost?

How Much Do Braces Cost?

How Much Do Braces CostBraces are one of the most common dental procedures and this is done to patients who want a perfectly beautiful and proportional smile. Braces fix the alignment and spacing of the teeth, making patients more confident in wearing their smile.

Aside from promising results on aesthetics, braces also promote a healthy mouth by making it easier for patients to floss in between their teeth.

More often than not, patients who have crooked teeth present tooth decay due to difficulty in reaching and cleaning the in-betweens of their teeth.

Through braces, the alignment is fixed and consequences from crooked smiles such as tooth decay and bad breath are treated.

There are many kinds of Orthodontic treatment nowadays and figuring out the most suitable type for you is important. As it is a case-to-case basis for all patients, the braces cost Sydney would highly depend on the difficulty. So how much do braces cost?

Braces Cost in Sydney

To fix your smile through braces Hornsby, patients should expect to shell off anywhere between $8,000 – $15,000. Depending on the type of braces, patient’s expectations, the simplicity or severity of the case, and the expected length of treatment, among many others, variations from this price range should be anticipated.

Due to the cost of treatment, finding the best deals for a dentist near me is one patients should look for.

Braces Price at Hornsby Dental

One of the things we value at Hornsby Dental is transparency on prices especially as dental treatments can be quite costly. You’d be happy to know that our braces cost remains to be one of the most affordable in Sydney and this is with the promise that our treatments are kept at the best standard of care and through the use of the most high-quality instruments and materials.

Braces cost at Hornsby Dental starts at $4500 to $6000 depending on the complexity of your case. To give you a more precise estimate, we highly recommend a visit to our clinic and a discussion with one of our dental professionals.

A dental check-up will be first conducted and your treatment options will be laid out for you so you and your dentist Hornsby can start on the right track towards giving you the best smile of your life.


Hornsby Dentist

Hornsby Dentist

Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care in Hornsby

Emergency Dental CareOne day, you may find yourself checking online for an “Emergency Dentist Near Me” if in the middle of the day you accidentally chip your tooth while eating or you clumsily fall on your face while walking.

This can also happen in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep due to a terrible toothache.

Or worse, when you are playing with your friends and an accidental blow to your face completely removes your tooth.

The good thing is, there are many facilities that offer Emergency Dental Care in Hornsby. Some have their details available on their websites which you can immediately call or message regarding your situation.

First thing they would do is instruct you on what to do for the first aid measures and where to go so the proper treatment can be given.

If you have a private dentist Hornsby, chances are they can give you priority care especially during their clinic hours. Dental emergencies are always put first in line especially for urgent cases such as facial traumas and knocked-out teeth.

But usually, before you are able to give these emergency dental services a call or before you can set up a same day emergency appointment with them, having knowledge on first aid techniques is always a plus. This way you can easily figure out what to do before you are able to seek professional help.

Briefly, some of the things you can do as first aid during a dental emergency is to disinfect the affected area by gargling with a mild salt solution and to relieve pain or discomfort by application of cold compress. This is especially for minor cracks on the tooth and toothache that presents other symptoms such as facial swelling.

For an avulsed tooth, consider putting the tooth back to the socket and refrain from cleaning the root structures. These are important for preservation of the tooth. If this is not possible, soak the tooth in milk and immediately seek an emergency dentist Sydney.

Best thing to do in the face of a dental emergency is to remain calm and map out how to solve the situation so the best treatment can be given to the patient.


Hornsby Dentist

Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant Cost

Dental Implant CostMany consequences may arise from a missing tooth. This includes shifting of the adjacent and opposing teeth to the gap causing misalignment and receding of the bone where a tooth should be present.

Because of these situations, replacement of a missing tooth should be done immediately after tooth extraction Sydney or as soon as the need calls for it.

One of the many modern treatments to replace missing teeth is dental implants. This is considered as the best procedure for teeth replacement.

A titanium screw is to be biologically adapted into the jawbone to prevent receding of bone and untoward incidents such as accidental removal which is a problem experienced by most denture users. Through this integration into the bone, durability of dental implants are sure to last you well over 15 years with proper maintenance.

But how much is a tooth implant?

Tooth Implant Cost in Sydney

A procedure for tooth implant includes the titanium screw and the finishing tooth crown to complete the tooth replacement. With the many procedures that this treatment entails, patients are expected to shell off a hefty amount of $3,000 – $7,000 depending on the dental clinic you go to.

Dental Implant Cost at Hornsby Dental

Because of the high cost of dental implant, having your consultation and treatment done with a licensed Implantologist helps with reducing costs as this prevents unnecessary spendings and ensures that your investment with the treatment is done at its best.

With our high-grade materials and skillful dentists, have your tooth implant Hornsby at Hornsby Dental. We offer one of the most affordable rates in Sydney with dental implant price at only $5,199 per tooth and this already includes the titanium screw and the proceeding tooth crown.

The tooth crown is made with CEREC, a ceramic crown with the look and appearance of a natural tooth while boasting durability. With these, you can expect your dental implants to last you a long time.

Keep in mind that not everyone is a suitable candidate to receive dental implants. Have your initial consultation with Hornsby Dental and let us help you fix your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Best Teeth Whitening

Why Choose Teeth Whitening?

Best Teeth WhiteningA person’s smile can do so much to their confidence. People that have brighter and whiter smiles impact their self-esteem in a way that they feel more comfortable speaking in crowds and smiling for photos.

This is where Cosmetic Dentistry comes in, perfecting your smile for a more confident you.

One of the procedures in Cosmetic Dentistry that enhances the smile is teeth whitening Hornsby. Teeth Whitening basically uses a custom-made tray customised to fit your teeth and a whitening chemical at a safe concentration.

There are several methods to achieve your desired results so it is best to discuss with your dentist on the best teeth whitening procedure for you.

One of which is the Take Home Teeth Whitening wherein your cosmetic dentist Hornsby will give you a kit that contains custom trays and the teeth whitening gel. You are to dispense the gel on the tray and wear it consistently for 30 minutes every day until you reach your desired shade of white for your teeth.

The other technique is the safest way to brighten your teeth. This is a procedure that is done in the clinic and facilitated by your teeth whitening dentist Hornsby.

The In-Chair Teeth Whitening also involves the use of a tray and a whitening gel but a laser whitening system allows for accelerated teeth whitening Sydney. This ensures a whiter smile in less than an hour!

In-Chair Teeth Whitening gives patients the most dramatically perfect results at a faster time while Take Home Whitening gradually whitens the teeth for a more natural transition.

For whatever option you prefer, it is still best to discuss with your best dentist Hornsby which is most suitable for your case. Also, screening must be done prior to the procedure as not everyone is a candidate for professional teeth whitening Hornsby.

Experience quality best teeth whitening Hornsby with affordable rates at Hornsby Dental. Book your appointment with us now.


Braces Cost

Braces Cost

Braces CostHearing the word “braces”, one of the many things that come to mind is crooked teeth.

This is the general and common term for treatment of misaligned teeth, fixing spaces and teeth crowding to move the teeth to its proper position.

Orthodontics not only enhance the look and boost the confidence of the patient through a better smile but it also promotes better oral health and functioning of the teeth.

A more comfortable bite is established through braces, relieving patients of any discomfort involving their jaw joints especially when they speak or eat. 

With the many positive effects of braces, more patients consider having them installed. Fortunately, through the advancements and continuous modernization in Dentistry, more treatment options for braces Sydney are now available for patients to choose from and here is a breakdown of the pros and cons of each as well as the braces cost:

Traditional Metal Braces

This is the most conventional way for treating misaligned teeth and it also promises the best results at the shortest time possible. Metal braces are also the most recommended treatment for more severe cases.

However, some amount of discomfort can be felt especially immediately after adjustments as this encourages rapid tooth movement.

So how much do braces cost? Traditional Metal Braces Cost Sydney here at Hornsby Dental is $4,500 – $6,000+. Have your initial consultation with one of our trained dentists for a better estimate on the braces price.

Lingual Braces

This is essentially the same as traditional metal braces however, the brackets are placed on the back of the teeth, hidden in plain sight so it seems like patients with lingual braces are actually not wearing braces. Because of this feat, lingual braces are more expensive than conventional metal braces.

Some downsides to lingual braces are the initial discomfort felt against the tongue and the difficulty in cleaning brackets.

Invisalign or Invisible Braces

These are clear aligners worn over the tooth that also promotes tooth movement but without the unsightly presence of metal against the teeth. This is growing in popularity as patients are more exacting when it comes to their looks.

Instead of the regular adjustments, patients in Invisalign Sydney therapy are given a set of clear aligners at intervals. The number of aligners is dependent on the severity of the case.

The more difficult the treatment is, the more clear aligners necessary to complete the procedure. Hornsby Dental has one of the best deals for Invisalign Sydney. So how much is Invisalign? Invisalign cost at $4,300 – $7,790.


Dentist Hornsby

Hornsby Dentist

Best Dentist Near Me

Choosing the Right Dentist

Best Dentist Near MeGoing online and checking for a dentist near me would lead to a variety of choices.

You may find that your search engine would recommend several clinics as the number of dentist near Hornsby steadily increases year after year to meet the growing demands of the also rising population of Hornsby.

When it comes to choosing the right Hornsby dentist to take care of you and your family’s health, it is important that you never look past a number of things.

This includes the quality services of the clinic, level of care from the dental professionals and staff, affordability of costs, and the accessibility of location.

With relevance to these factors, Hornsby Dental proudly recommends their services as the best option for you as you look for the “best dentist near me”.

Hornsby Dental is home to some of the best dentist Hornsby. They are licensed dental professionals with expertise and experience in several dental fields, determined to give you the best treatments for all the dental needs of your family.

Our approach is centred on preventive care for your entire family to ensure that future dental problems and their corresponding expenses need not be your worry.

Aside from this, we also ensure that our materials and techniques are kept up to date so only the best treatment options with the most non-invasive yet promising results are given to you.

We also intend to give care as we prioritise your comfort, thoroughly explaining our procedures before proceeding with any of our treatments. For tooth extraction, our dentist Hornsby promises to give the most painless experience possible.

In the practice of compassionate Dentistry, we also offer dental treatments at some of the most competitive prices in Hornsby. We are also affiliated with health providers such as Medibank Members’ Choice and BUPA Members First which aim to give their patients lesser to zero expenses for their dental treatments depending on their membership details.

For your gentle dental needs, visit Hornsby Dental and experience quality Dentistry at the heart of Hornsby.

Hornsby Dentist

Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services in Hornsby

Emergency Dental ServicesDental Emergencies are classified into those that are non-urgent, cases that can be put off for a later time until an appointment can be booked with an emergency dentist Hornsby, and those urgent and require immediate treatment.

When you are in the midst of a dental emergency, having the contact details of an emergency dentist near me can greatly affect the outcome of your situation.

With knowing who to contact as soon as you are faced with an urgent emergency dental problem, you can immediately seek guidance on what to do and what not to do.

These emergency dentists are trained to give easy yet effective step-by-step instructions to non-medical personnel so the right first aid can be given.

Aside from the convenience of knowing what to do as soon as you contact your emergency dentist Sydney, you are also able to give them a heads up on the situation so they are prepared as soon as the patient arrives at their emergency dental care facility.

But fret not, these are skilled dentists who are trained to think and react as quickly as possible without the need to give them a call beforehand.

Emergency dental services Hornsby that are given priority in dental clinics include several dental problems such as agonizingly painful toothaches, locked jaw, facial and dental traumas, completely knocked off teeth, fractures or cracks to the teeth, and soft tissue injuries, among many others.

Fortunately, most dental clinics nowadays offer emergency dental services. These are clinics who remain open even after clinic hours, during public holidays, and the weekends. Some also keep their lines open so patients who have dental emergencies after hours can contact them.

Aside from these helpful offices, you can also contact your private dentist near me. Most often than not, these compassionate dentists will lend a helping hand especially for urgent dental emergencies.

Hornsby Dental offers same day emergency appointments. We will try our very best to fit you in during the day, so give us a call whenever you are faced with a dental emergency.


Dentist Hornsby


Orthodontist Sydney

Roles of an Orthodontist Sydney

Orthodontist SydneyAt the top of the list on why patients visit the dental clinic is to have a better smile and healthier mouth. Did you know that these are things that your Orthodontist Sydney can help you with?

An Orthodontist helps with teeth alignment to ensure that the normal functions of your teeth can be done without consequences on your daily activities such as eating and on the jaw joints as well.

They can already provide answers to the dental concerns of patients at an early age especially with children who have developed bad oral habits such as thumb sucking.

They can help with management to prevent the child from continuing this habit as well as proceeding with treatment of the consequences such as if there is an open bite.

At the age of 13, an Orthodontist can already do measures to ensure that the teeth will be perfectly aligned as the child grows older and the jaws develop. Several diagnostic tests can be done to check the alignment and to do preventive measures so the teeth will come out of the mouth in their proper position.

When it comes to adults with malaligned teeth, consulting with an Orthodontist for Orthodontics or adult braces in Hornsby can help not only with boosting the self-esteem through perfectly straight teeth but it also contributes to better oral health as patients can now properly clean and floss in between teeth, reducing plaque and bacteria build-up.

Teeth in proper position helps with reduced strain on the jaw joints when therefore preventing jaw discomfort.

Early consultation with your Orthodontist can reduce other dental problems that may arise in the future. Consequences that come with neglect include more difficult procedures in the future that may require a bigger dent on your wallet. Visit your Orthodontist Sydney for an initial consultation.


Dentist Hornsby

Hornsby Dentist

Best Dentist Hornsby

Why Visit Hornsby Dental?

Best Dentist HornsbyThere are several dentist near me that can perform a number of dental procedures and can take care of your oral health.

With the growing population of Hornsby, dental clinics aim to consistently meet the demands of patients to help the majority of Hornby achieve optimum state of oral health.

As a best dentist Hornsby, what sets Hornsby Dental apart and why you should consider us as your top choice for everything dental?

Hornsby Dental is a patient-centered clinic that focuses on personalised care for all dental needs. We understand that patients have different cases, expectations, and limitations.

These are all considered when it comes to providing you the best management and treatment.

While ensuring that your standards are met, we also make sure that our quality care is as modernised as possible, keeping up with the latest in Dentistry when it comes to both dentist Hornsby skills and knowledge as well as innovative techniques and materials.

These are factors that we never compromise as we believe that our dentists Hornsby NSW and equipment should go hand in hand in providing you with the best treatment possible.

Aside from these, we also prioritise compassionate Dentistry in that we keep our costs at the most reasonable range as possible. We believe that world-class Dentistry is not a luxury, instead it should be made available to all.

To do this, we focus our treatments on Preventive Dentistry to avoid bigger costs in the future. Also, we only do necessary procedures so we can ensure that only what is needed is done and spent on.

Also, we are proud affiliates of several health fund providers. These partnerships greatly help the expense of our patients with over zero out-of-pocket costs on some procedures and high discounts as well. Through this, we can secure a better future when it comes to dental health for Hornsby.

Visit Hornsby Dental and experience the best dentist near me.

Hornsby Dentist

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost

Wisdom Teeth Removal CostThe wisdom tooth is one of the most problematic teeth in the mouth. With it being the last tooth to come out in the mouth, ample space for proper eruption is almost always never guaranteed.

To avoid the consequences that may arise from keeping it, most patients consider having it removed.

Meanwhile, to those who have decided to keep it, their usual problems include the pain and discomfort associated with Wisdom Teeth. This includes discomfort as the wisdom tooth presses against the tooth next to it, contributing to tooth decay.

Bad breath is also a problem as patients often have difficulty flossing the area with it being located far back in the mouth. Aside from this, patients also experience overwhelming pain that radiates from the jaw up to the temples.

If you are looking to remove it, how much will Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost?

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost in Sydney

Tooth extraction depends on a number of factors and for the wisdom tooth, it is considered to be a more complicated procedure as it poses problems on access especially with the positioning of the wisdom tooth which can be near vital structures.

It is important that you really look into the credibility of your dentist Hornsby who will do the procedure so you can be at ease that you are in the best hands.

In Sydney, simple wisdom tooth extraction cost $300 – $350 whilst more complicated wisdom tooth extraction price is $500 – $600.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Cost at Hornsby Dental

At Hornsby Dental, we are proud to have licensed dental experts who are skilled in wisdom teeth removal Sydney. They will educate you before the treatment on how the procedure will be done, make sure you are comfortable before starting the surgery, and ensure you are advised with post-treatment guidelines which are important to ensure faster and better recovery.

Our expert wisdom teeth removal cost is $230 for simple procedures. Meanwhile, surgical wisdom teeth extractions cost $350 – $450.

If you are considering having your wisdom tooth extraction, schedule a visit with Hornsby Dental for your initial consultation.

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